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is principle of all life "
Leonardo Da Vinci

About :
traditional Chinese care

What is it ?

With more than 2,500 years of experience and research, traditional Chinese medicine is a complete and coherent system that has a

specific representation of the human being, of his functioning and dysfunction. It was born from the observation of nature and the experience of many generations of doctors and scientists, and has a set of effective and complementary tools:
tui na massage, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition, moxibustion, cupping, etc.


What to expect ?

After an interview with observation of the radial pulses and the tongue, an overall and precise energy checkup is established.

Personalized treatments are practiced on a massage table, followed by advice (nutrition, lifestyle) to promote healing.

For a simple Tui Na massage, you are asked a few questions to adapt the methods to your needs and expectations.

To find out more about the treatments: click here .


What is it for ?

Without being able to cure everything, traditional Chinese medicine can be useful and improve almost any type of imbalance, acute or chronic.

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About :

your practitioner

Having practiced Chinese internal martial arts since 2008, it was natural to become interested in traditional Chinese medicine,

which quickly became a real passion.


I started my studies in 2010, and I have continued my training ever since as it never really stops.


After learning the basics of Chinese medicine at the FLETC in Toulouse and Lyon for 3 years, I had the chance to study Tui Na massage

and Chinese herbal medicine in Paris for an additional 3 years with exceptional experts and teachers:

Frank Butler , Nini Mai , Jen Resnick (New York), Jonas Brenner (Copenhagen) and Philippe Sionneau (Sitges).


My studies led me to Beijing for a practical internship in the Neurology Department at the Hospital of Acupuncture and Moxibustion with Doctors Han and Jiao, and courses at the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences .


Having gained all the tools I needed to practice quality traditional Chinese treatments, I then undertook higher education
in acupuncture and studied
 for two years, in Toulouse, with Philippe Sionneau.


I also trained in Xiao Er Tui Na (massage for children), in modern cupping with Bruce Bentely,
and gave classes at the Center for Chinese Medicine in Toulouse.


As an eternal student, I constantly seek the best efficiency to restore harmony in the body to improve your health.

Céline Guilbert


Espace Santé

5 rue Raimu

33600 PESSAC


Tel : 06 89 60 55 39

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