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How can you have so much strength?
Aren't you tired
at the end of the day?

Indeed, some Tui Na techniques can give the impression that I must use a lot of "muscular" force to have such an effect, in contrast to the size of my arms.
But this is not the case: I learned to use the weight and movement of the entire body to practice these techniques, without using much muscular force or hurting myself.
The work is therefore carried out in depth, but without having to use force.
It's sort of a real qi gong for me, so don't worry about my level of fatigue, and enjoy!

When should I come?

You can come for prevention,

 or for your well-being;

because you're hurting somewhere,

or you are on a sports training programme,

because you haven't found a complete solution in western medicine

or you want to try a method other than medication;

because you feel the need to supplement your medical follow-up with "a plus";

or your doctor or a friend told you to try.

I reserve the right to refer you to your usual physician if the situation requires so.

How many sessions will it take?

This is a difficult question to answer. People who come to see me generally suffer from chronic disorders that have been present for several months or even years. At the beginning, I advise to come every week, and then less frequently, depending on the results. For recent pain, one session may be enough.
Although it is incorrect to assume that the older the problem, the longer it will take to resolve, this is usually the case. However each person reacts differently, and every energy imbalance needs a different treatment plan, that combines complementary techniques and at different frequencies.

Does it really work?

Yes, it really works.

More or less quickly depending on the case, but with concrete and obvious results.

And no, no need to believe it.

It is not a religion but a set of treatments whose theories and practices have been perfected over the past 3000 years.
It is however necessary to indicate that, as in any form of care, whether modern or traditional, the positive attitude of the consultant will help to potentiate the effect of the treatment provided.

In addition, any form of care has its limits and is not suitable for all situations.

Do you have a specialty?

My training is wide ranging and has covered many disciplines and techniques.
This is important because the objective is to harmonize the whole body. Even if the main concern is a particular system, rebalancing this system will improve all the other systems which may appear secondary. For example, by soothing menstrual pains, you can clearly see a decrease in sensitivity to the cold and better digestion.
That said, through my internship in the Neurology Department in Beijing and other training, I have particular expertise  in muscle or joint pain and digestive disorders.

Where does herbs you are using come from?

I work with 3 laboratories,

here are the links for detailed information on their work:
- Planetaverd /
- Sinolux /
- Yaodao /
Each laboratory gets its supplies directly from China and ensures the quality of its products and compliance with European standards.
I order your plants directly from the laboratory, you pay online (for Planetaverd and Yaodao) or upon receipt of the package (for Sinolux).

Do you receive children?

Yes, toddlers as well as older children. They react very well and quickly
to this type of care!
I mainly use the Xiao Tui Na,
specific massage for children
from 0 to 10 years old.
These are gentle and simple techniques, without manipulation.
You bring your little one once,
I teach you a little protocol
to reproduce at home every day,
and we will see each other a month later
for monitoring.
For older children, it is possible to combine several treatments: herbs, cupping, manual techniques, small auriculotherapy seeds, moxibustion, etc.
Minors must be accompanied by an adult. If this is not the case, I will ask you for a written authorization to practice treatments.

Do you receive pregnant women?

Yes and no.
I massage pregnant women for the purpose of relaxation and pain relief, provided that this is not a risky pregnancy, with contractions for example.

This Tui Na is carried out gently, and the future mother is lying on her side, on her back or seated.
Chinese herbs are perfectly suited to pregnant women, and can soothe many disorders such as nausea, contractions, blood loss, etc.

Finally, I use moxibustion to help upside-down babies turn around.

Do you help quit smoking?

Yes, I use mainly two techniques:
- First, to support your body during withdrawal, to limit side effects such as headaches, weight gain, desire to compensate with sugar, dry mouth, etc.
- and secondly your mental well being during withdrawal, to limit side effects such as insomnia, impulses, and irritability, while boosting your willpower.
You are not alone in the difficulties that come with the struggle to quit smoking. For some (rare) people, one session may be enough to turn them off tobacco. For others, it is necessary to come every week at the beginning before spacing the sessions.
It is a natural method, without any drugs, or negative side effects, and which perfectly complements other anti-smoking support.

Frequently asked questions

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